We specialise in the remodelling & restructure of rooms to create the kitchen & space you always wanted.

Fitted KitchenIdeas and options are the key to eventually getting the kitchen you have always dreamed of from the beautiful units to the space created with bi-fold doors and roof lights in your vaulted ceiling. You know what you want your kitchen to look like, but how many people can actually visualize your ideas and put them down for everyone to see? We work with the client to ensure that the finished project is both workable and looks amazing.

In order to create a well organised functional kitchen you must think about the style of kitchen you want:

  • What will you use your kitchen for?
  • How much available space do you have?
  • What type of layout would you like?

White Fitted KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of the home and how you use the space will depend on your individual preferences and lifestyle. Your kitchen will be both the focal point and functional centre of your home where you will entertain as well as cook relax or work. The working triangle concept is an established method of kitchen planning – the cooking area refrigeration and sink are positioned to form a triangle to create optimal working space and this can be extended further to include a food preparation area or free-standing island.

Choosing and buying a new kitchen is a process that involves much thought and planning – especially when it comes to the all-important issue of kitchen design.

Once you’ve decided where you want all of the elements of your new kitchen to go, you have to begin the task of selecting specific colours, styles and products – which can be bewildering when there’s so much to choose from!

Traditional kitchen design

Traditional kitchen design is a popular choice for home-owners – especially for those who love the idea of cooking in a country-style kitchen.

These kitchens typically feature lots of wood in either white or natural colours and have plenty of potential to display crockery and other kitchen accessories, adding to the old-fashioned charm of this type of kitchen design.

Oak, walnut, chestnut, pine and beech are some of the options you can choose from when selecting units for kitchens utilising traditional kitchen design and influences. Large knobs and elegant handles tend to adorn these cabinets.

Contemporary kitchen design

Luxury Fitted KitchensContemporary kitchen design is these days influenced by a need to keep appliances and accessories out of sight and to minimise the use of handles and other fittings that do not fit in with a crisp, clean look.

These kitchens are typically available in a wide range of colours – both classic and bolder shades. Purple, red, green and black are among the various ones you can choose from.

Many contemporary kitchens utilise a high gloss finish to maximise space and reflect light, and this particular kitchen design trend is showing little sign of receding any time soon.

You will find that contemporary kitchen design goes for the minimalist look – so instead of handles there are recessed grips and many kitchen appliances are covered up with cabinet doors that match the rest of the kitchen.

However, functionality is not compromised in favour of style – contemporary kitchen design is characterised by the plethora of cutting edge technology and gadgets now available to make the cooking process as easy as possible.

Luxury Fitted Kitchens 2Kitchen worktops in contemporary kitchen design are as sleek and shiny as the rest of the room, while the sink area offers many options – you can have more than one basin if you wish as well as a choice between a traditionally fitted sink or an under-mount one which is installed so that the surrounding worktops seamlessly overlap the sink’s edges.

We can offer all the advice you need when it comes to selecting specific kitchens, units, appliances and accessories right in your home – our designer can come to visit you to get an idea of what it is you want from your ideal kitchen design.

For expert kitchen design advice and a huge range of kitchens to choose from, get in touch with Astraglaze today.