Fascia & Soffit

Protect Your Home

Maintaining your existing woodwork is not only time consuming, it costs money too. Gone are the days where ladders can be used to paint your rooflines due to health and safety requirements, expensive scaffolding must now be used. Rotting roofline can really let your property down aesthetically. It can also cause structural damage leading to woodworm and could encourage vermin. So isn’t it time you considered replacing your old rotting roofline with quality, weather resistant, long-lasting PVC-U from Astraglaze that needs neither painting nor repairing, no matter what the weather? The good thing about the range of roofline products from Astraglaze is that once the work is done, you never have to give it a second thought. Our fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding, Tudor board, gutters or downpipes do not warp, crack, flake or peel. Guaranteed! All our white and foiled products are guaranteed against discolouration providing you with total peace of mind.

Roofline, Tudor board and cladding products from Astraglaze not only demonstrate that you genuinely care about the look of your property, they also add value to your home, and create the ultimate kerb appeal for your property.

The Choice Is Yours

Renewing your old roofline or cladding with maintenance free PVC-U gives your property a deserved face lift and rejuvenates its overall look. To help you achieve this, Astraglaze stocks the largest range of colours and styles of any major manufacturer in the UK.

Don’t Paper Over Cracks

Too often we have seen customers having capping boards fitted over existing timber fascias rather than having the old timber removed and completely replaced. This may seem the more cost effective option when presented to you in the short term, but over the long run is it really such a good idea? The rotten wood hasn’t gone anywhere; it is still there sealed in, deteriorating even more by the year. Eventually the nails will come loose due to rotted and infested wood, leaving your fascias exposed and unsecured, not to mention an invalidated guarantee Astraglaze recommend a complete removal of exiting timber to truly realise the benefits of PVC-U roofline.

Choosing Your Roofline

Astraglaze is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of rooflines that are suitable for a multitude of properties. No matter what your budget, Astraglaze installers will have a package to suit. Unbeatable Choice. Our fascias boards are available in 3 different styles (Square, Bullnose, Ogee) as well as a huge range of different colours and finishes. As well as the standard White, Black, Light Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany, we are also pleased to offer a unique and exclusive range of ‘life like’ wood foils that are so close to the real thing that you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. Popular options include English Oak, Mountain Ash and Silver Birch. Dry Verge is available in Grey, Brown and Terracotta. All foiled products are protected by Heat Shield Technology.


To complement our extensive range of fascias, Astraglaze offer 4 different styles of rainwater products (Square, Half Round, Ogee and Hi Cap – for those with larger roof areas) in 4 different colours (White, Black, Brown & Caramel). For those looking for that extra touch of class, why not ask your installer about ‘Cast Iron effect’.

The Environmental Benefits Of Choosing Astraglaze

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Can be recycled up to 10 times.
  • More thermally efficient than timber.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Working life of 40 years +.
  • Does not need painting (no chemicals from paint).
  • No repainting or regular repairs to timber.
  • Low maintenance saves money.
  • Does not produce harmful CFCs.

It will be decades before you have to consider replacing our roofline products, that’s got to be good news for the environment.

PVC-u The Clear Winner

PVC-U is ideal for roofline and cladding refurbishment due to its combination of aesthetics, lightness, strength, formability and longevity; it is also 100% recyclable and may be recycled up to 10 times. PVC-U is one of the most popular choices in the UK today with 85% of buildings benefiting from this cost effective, highly durable, environmentally friendly, safe, secure and robust product. It is now widely recognised that the maintenance burden and the technical performance of timber, especially for roofline, is no longer acceptable when compared with PVC-U.