Conservatories Designed and Installed in Southport


Add a new and elegant dimension to your home with a ASTRAGLAZE Victorian conservatory. Ideal for creating additional living space, these traditional and stylish conservatories with their graceful lines and structure will add a touch of grandeur to the exterior of your home.

Whether you’re using the space as a living, dining or play room, the Victorian conservatory is available in various sizes and in a range of styles and finishes allowing it to perfectly complement the architecture of your existing home as well as your own individual tastes.

The Victorian style is a long-standing popular choice for homeowners due to its striking exterior features and ornate design that has evolved from the quintessential Victorian period. As well as the classic character and attractive aesthetics the conservatory also meets high levels of quality, durability and security.

Combining aesthetics with energy efficiency

The classic angled roof of the conservatory is not only visually striking, but offers high performance thermal efficiency in order to conserve heat and eliminate draughts so that your space will be dry and warm throughout the year.

Although there is a traditional shape and structure to the Victorian conservatory you can still have control over the look of your new extension, from the colour and finish of the frames to the position of the door. This enables you to create the ideal space that meets your exact requirements in both size, layout and design.


For a striking and classic conservatory design, the Edwardian conservatory combines symmetrical and bold lines with ornate and decorative finishing touches.

Whether you’re living in a new-build development or a period cottage, an Edwardian conservatory is an ideal addition to any home. Adding a touch of timeless elegance and additional living space, this choice of conservatory will not only make your home more comfortable to live in but will also increase the value of your house and make it a more desirable property.

The clean and square structure of the conservatory creates a splendid simplicity that can fuse into any style of property and is favoured by homeowners across the UK.

As with all our other conservatories, the Edwardian conservatory can be tailored and adapted to suit your specific tastes and architectural requirements. Not only can you choose from a selection of colours, frames and finishes as well as the type of glazing and decorative designs, but you can also choose the size and layout of your conservatory to ensure that you create a space and design that meets all your ideals.


Lean-to conservatories are a cost effective way of extending your house and creating additional living space for you and your family.

At Astraglaze we have developed a range of traditional lean to conservatories that offer a simplistic but attractive style with clean lines and structures that will work well with all property types. Ideal for homeowners who like a modern and simple look or for smaller properties and bungalows, the lean-to is a stylish construction that provides maximum living space.

Whether you want to create an area for work, play or entertaining, the lean-to conservatory is a contemporary and easy way to extend your home at great value for money.

Designed to create a light and airy environment, lean to conservatories are an ideal way of linking your home and garden and adding a new and attractive dimension to your property. Not only will the addition create extra space and appealing aesthetics, but it will also help increase the value of your property.

Tailored to your individual requirements

Ideal for those who enjoy a minimalist and elegant style, the lean to conservatory can also be tailored with a selection of colours, finishes and finer details as well as an extensive range of glazing options. That means you can create a personalised living space that suits your tastes and the character of your home perfectly.

Despite its simple design, the lean-to conservatory is high performance in both durability and thermal efficiency and uses special insulation to retain heat so that you can make full use of your new space all year round.

With over 25 years experience at Astraglaze we have an unrivalled product range consisting of conservatories, window systems and doors. Developed to the same superior standards as all conservatories, our lean to structures are designed for long lasting high quality and performance.

Our lean to conservatories are designed, manufactured and installed by tradesmen who deliver professional and friendly support and advice to ensure you choose the right conservatory for your home.